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    Matresses, Pillows or Orthopaedic Products – Choose CosyPUR®, the Multitalented Mold Flexible Foam

      CosyPUR® – the polyurethane mold flexible foam with specifically adjustable product properties by its cell morphology. It is modifiable from ultrasoft to visco-elastic and extends the application possibilities of mold flexible foams. CosyPUR® for the production of matresses, pillows, seats, back rests and many more.

    Key advantages of CosyPUR®:
    Molded density from 35 to 120 kg/m3 (CosyPUR® Visco) and from 45 to 120 kg/m3 (CosyPUR® Supersoft)
    Exceptional air permeability and breathability, extraordinary elasticity (CosyPUR® Supersoft)
    Viscoelasticity retained over a wide temperature range, adjustable hardness and recovery properties (CosyPUR® Visco)
    Excellent long-term use properties
    Low emissions (e.g. according to Ökotex® Standard 100)
    Flame retardant versions (BS5852 Crib5) are available
    CosyPUR®, pillow, yoga, mattress

    The Perfect Team for Producing any Kind of Mattresses or Pillows: CosyPUR® Visco (open-cell or closed-cell version) and CosyPUR® Supersoft

      CosyPUR® Visco (Open-Cell and Permeable to Air) Sets New Standards

      This open-cell, visoelastic foam for pillows, neck supports and mattresses sets totally new standards and is the perfect complement to the existing selection of familiar pneumatic viscoelastic foams.

      What makes the new viscoelastic foams radically different is their high open-cellularity, permitting the continuous circulation of air inside the pillow. This creates a pleasantly cool microclimate and prevents the build-up of heat and perspiration.

      The Advantages at a Glance:

      • Open-cell structure
      • High air permeability and hence better air circulation
      • Temperature-sensitive for optimum pressure relief
      • Washable (in domestic washing machines) up to 60°C without loss of product properties
      • Improved product properties and reduced demolding time (up to 3 min.)
      • Core density range 35 – 120 g/l

      CosyPUR® Visco (Closed-Cell with Adjustable Recovery Properties) for Mattresses, Provide Ideal Support for the Body when Sitting or Lying

      Pillows, mattresses and mattress topper pads made from CosyPUR® Visco work like a spa while sleeping. Viscoelastic flexible foams are characterized by their slow recovery. They provide an ideal support for the body and utmost comfort when sitting or lying on them. Depending upon the individual requirements the consistency of this viscoelastic foam can be finely adjusted.

      Soft or firm, flexible or slow – everything is possible with this intelligent material. Those placing more value on relaxation than stress should definitely lay more than their head on CosyPUR® Visco.

      CosyPUR® Supersoft – the Super Soft Flexible Foam for Sports, Leisure and Total Relaxation

      Everything that makes our lives softer and more relaxing has been incorporated in our CosyPUR® Supersoft: the result of the innovative vision of our product developers combined with our long-term expertise in the field of flexible foams, extensive testing and our comprehensive PU know-how.

      The extremely welcoming quality of CosyPUR® Supersoft totally wins you over. This material possesses the high elasticity previously found only in latex products. Moreover, CosyPUR® Supersoft is extremely air permeable and with its special foam structure it ensures perceptible softness, elasticity, and a pleasant cool freshness. This combination makes CosyPUR® Supersoft a unique product.

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