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    Elastocoat® – A Coat that's here to Spray

      For coating of surfaces, the high-tech Polyurea system Elastocoat® is unbeatable. Whether used on parking decks, loading ramps or chemical tanks, Elastocoat® Polyurea provides enduring protection. Also for facades and roofs, Elastocoat® provides lasting protection and is rapidly applied, too.

      Elastocoat®: However Tough the Punishment, Our Coatings Last Longer

      Elastocoat® is the high-tech spraying system from BASF for the reliable and lasting protection of all surfaces, be they of wood, concrete, bitumen or steel. The high-pressure spraying system can be applied to virtually all substrates with a corresponding primer and cures extra fast. While other materials take a long time to through-harden, Elastocoat® is tack-free in just a few seconds and cures fully in two hours. With its properties, it is the ideal solution for many challenges – as a quick, efficient and lasting seal.

    The Advantages of Elastocoat® for the Coating of Floors, Facades and Roofs
    Perfect surface seal
    Cures in seconds
    Adapts to any surface
    Permanently elastic
    Slip-resistant and noise-abating
    Elastocoat®, spray system, polyurethane

    More and more customers are using Elastocoat®

      BASF offers a variety of coating systems to suit the requirement profiles of different sectors of industry.

      Elastocoat® has established itself here as a true all-rounder in wide-ranging applications. With their high chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and differing degrees of slip resistance, these systems create a safe working environment when used on industrial floors and parking decks. Elastocoat® masks concrete cracks, as it seals the surface long-term under a continuous membrane. It provides protection from penetrating water and, consequently, from concrete corrosion. This versatile coating bridges cracks and, as a seamlessly sprayed barrier coat, hugs the surface like a liquid skin. Curing in seconds, it effortlessly seals even complicated geometries and vertical surfaces.

    Not only on Land, but also on the Water

      Floors of container ships are highly stressed and pose a severe challenge for many materials – not so for Elastocoat®. The spray skin is seamlessly applied and thus prevents delamination and cracking, stays abrasion-resistant and withstands moisture and temperature fluctuations.

    Coatings for Load Beds and Loading Surfaces

      With Elastocoat® spray foam, previously slippery truckload beds can be coated trouble-free for long-term slip and wear resistance. The system cures rapidly, is scratch-resistant and insulates against noise. Loads mostly no longer have to be additionally secured. This saves time and money and makes Elastocoat® the No. 1 choice if you need a durable and high-speed seal.

    Even the Best Facade Should be Safeguarded with a BASF Coating Behind it

      A coat of Elastocoat® is still the best safeguard against concrete corrosion, long-term structural weakness and moisture. As a liquid film, this system wraps itself with ease around even complicated surfaces like roof projections, dome lights and shafts, creating a seam- and jointless seal.

      A coat of Elastocoat® also pays off for the protection not only of facades, but also of roofs. Flat roofs are often prone to leakage. The easy-to-spray coating gives the roof a jointless watertight seal that will even withstand icy temperatures of down to minus 50 degrees.

      An impressive example is the roof of the arena in Astana, Kazakhstan with a surface area of 10,000 square meters and space for 30,000 spectators. This is where the developers opted for Elastocoat® from BASF. Moreover, for good reason, as the spray coating adapts seamlessly to the movement and tension of the surface, thus preventing cracking. It is also waterproof, very durable, abrasion-resistant, insensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity and absolutely chemical-resistant. Therefore, if you happen to be in Astana in 2030 for the Expo, you will be able to see for yourself how well Elastocoat® has withstood the test of time.

    Elastocoat®, spray system, polyurethane

    Elastocoat® C spray gel for bedding applications

      • Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental and physical health and quality of life.

        A decisive factor for getting a good night’s sleep is the selection of the right mattresses. Foams play a popular and important role in today’s mattresses, whether as support core or as pressure-relieving comfort layers. Foamers are always looking for solutions to increase the comfort properties via an improved humidity- and heat management for a mattress. A stronger cool touch on a mattress top layer addresses the latter.

        With Elastocoat® C – a spray gel – BASF offers a solution that achieves a strong cool touch and at the same time is easy to process.

      BR_Elastocoat C_spray gel_final.pdf

      PDF (1.7 MB)

    Enduring Protection of All Surfaces with Elastocoat®

    Roof Sealings

      Elastocoat®  Keeps Roofs Tightly Sealed

      Complicated roof penetrations, skylights, or air-conditioning shafts are trouble-spots for leaks. Elastocoat®  seals the affected areas. Like a liquid film, Elastocoat® adapts itself evenly over the surface geometry of the roof and covers it seamless and durable. After preparing the surface the high-tech polyurea system is sprayed onto the roof. It covers and seals vertical areas and it cures in a few seconds.

    Facts on Roof Sealing with Elastocoat®

      • Extremely fast curing; load-bearing after one hour
      • High tolerance of temperature and humidity during application
      • Seamless sealing of penetrations and undercuts
      • High adhesion to the surface and primer
      • High degree of crack bridging, over 400% elongation at break
      • High resistance to hydrolysis and aging
      • Outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance

    Water Damage?

    Elastocoat® seals roofs.

    Parking Decks

      Elastocoat®  Protects Parking Decks from Corrosion

      Multi-storey car parks are concrete and steel structures with an exposed outdoor deck on top and covered indoor decks beneath. Therefore, durable top sealing of the decks is essential. Elastocoat® is applied directly onto the prepared surface by portable spray machines and is accessible after short time.
      Elastocoat®  can be sprayed as a seamless membrane and is crack-bridging by flexible adaptation to concrete movements.

    Elastocoat® is certified for parking decks according to OS11a.

    Properties of Elastocoat® Sealing for Parking Decks

      Elastocoat®, spray, parking deck, appliance
      • Seamless and waterproof
      • Durable and abrasion resistant
      • Crack bridging by flexible adaptation to concrete movements
      • Chemically resistant, even to liquids from vehicles and engines
      • Tolerant to humidity and temperature at application
      • Fast curing, rapidly getting surface back to service

    Concrete Corrosion?

    Elastocoat® protects parking decks.

    Secondary Containments

      Elastocoat® is certified for storage tanks according to WHG19.

      Elastocoat® Seals Secondary Containments

      To prevent chemical storing tanks from leaking into ground water, most of these tanks are placed on or into areas called secondary containments. These are made of concrete. To prevent cracks and leakage, a lining system needs to be installed. Elastocoat® is widely used throughout many industries where aspects such as surface protection, chemical resistance, crack bridging, as well as durability play a major role.

      Polyurea: One of the Most Promising Lining Systems

      Elastocoat® can be sprayed as a seamless membrane even on and into complex structures. Its moisture tolerant chemistry allows installation of the membrane at weather conditions with high humidity and low temperatures, where traditional materials fail.

      Lining systems often need to be installed mandatory by law, e. g. for storage areas, such as the PGS 15 guideline in the Netherlands and the approval in accordance with WHG in Germany.

    Properties of Elastocoat® for Secondary Containments

      • Seamless even on complex structures
      • Very good chemical resistance
      • Excellent crack bridging properties
      • Anti-skid surface finish
      • Easy to coat even on vertical structures
      • Fast curing
      • Free of solvents and catalysts
      • certified according to WHG 19

    Leaking Tanks!

    Elastocoat® seals secondary containments.

    Loading Areas

      Elastocoat® Gives Grip and Stops Noise

      Trucks being loaded or unloaded often cause high levels of noise. Unfortunately such banging and clattering occurs in densely populated areas in the evening or even at night. Sound-absorbing Elastocoat® reduces the absolute noise level to just 54 dBA. Known as "silent floor" loading surfaces of trucks coated with Elastocoat® C comply with the PIEK resolution. This law, the Dutch government came up with, stipulates sound levels to be limited at 60 dBA.

      Silent, Durable and Grippy Trailer Floors

      The whisper trailer floor is hard-wearing, too. Elastocoat® is optimized for these specific needs. Sprayed as a 5mm thin layer, it prolongs the life span of trailer floors.

      As anti-slip flooring polyurea works as well. The load adheres to the rough surface, giving good grip. This mostly saves additional time-consuming load securing.

    Elastocoat® has been testet by DEKRA in accordance with VDI 2700.

    Properties of Elastocoat® for Loading Areas

      Elastocoat®, floor, loading area, wood
      • Reduced noise level meets Dutch law requirements
      • Longer lifetime of trailer floor
      • Excellent abrasion resistance
      • Simple to clean, recommended for HACCP
      • Speedy return to service
      • Chemical resistance to cleaning agents
      • High grip

    Rumble, Clatter, Bang: What a Racket!

    Elastocoat® C stops noise pollution.

    Sewer Shafts

      Protection Against Corrosion and Durable Sealing with High-tech Polyurea

      Biogenic sulphuric acid generated by the bacteria Thiobacillus in gas-sealed manholes rapidly leads to heavy concrete corrosion. Washed concrete appearance and decomposed metal components are typical signs of damage such as corrosion, crack formation and leakage. The result can be instability of the structure as well as infiltration.

      Attack by acids can be stopped by the seamlessly sprayed barrier film of 2K Polyurea Elastocoat®.

    Curing in seconds, the "liquid film" moulds itself to all shapes of surface (zoom in to read more).

    Elastocoat® Repairs and Protects Sewer Shafts

      • Chemically resistant to biogenic sulphuric acids
      • High degree of crack bridging, 400 % elongation at break
      • Outstanding tensile and tear strength
      • Extremely rapid curing – load-bearing after just an hour
      • High tolerance to temperature and humidity during application
      • Seamless repair of cracks and undercuts
      • Outstanding adhesion to surface
      • High resistance to hydrolysis and ageing
      • Free of solvents and catalysts

    It's Hard Life Underground!

    Elastocoat® C repairs and protects from corrosion.

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