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    WALLTITE® – The Airtight Insulation

      Sustainability and energy efficiency are important not only in new buildings, but also when renovating existing ones. With WALLTITE®, BASF can make a big difference in both areas. The purple, closed-cell foam is simply sprayed on, cures almost instantly and creates a seamless, airtight insulation for walls, floors and internal roofs.

    Key Advantages of WALLTITE®
    Seamless insulation, no gaps
    Vast design flexibility
    Creates a comfortable indoor environment
    Rapid application

      Make Yourself at Home!

      You want to renovate your home? Or build a new one with, airtight thermal insulation? Then choose WALLTITE®. It provides airtightness and energy-efficiency for your building and an alternative insulation solution for sustainable renovation.

      All building owners are aware of the problem. The interior walls, roofs and floors of older houses are often insufficiently insulated and suffer from condensation and mold. A particularly cost-effective and environmentally beneficial solution is WALLTITE® spray-applied polyurethane foam.

      WALLTITE® Brings a Totally New Dimension to Energy-efficient Construction

      Whether used in private or commercial buildings, it is the product's economic and ecological performance that counts. And it meets the highest standards of sustainability, as it makes a significant contribution to energy savings.

      WALLTITE® also improves the indoor climate. It prevents drafts and hence the infiltration of dirt and allergens into the home.

      The Right Way to Protect Houses from Moisture

      The versatile spray-applied foam is mainly used on interior walls and roofs, but also for insulating floors. It is sprayed straight onto the substrate and forms a continuous surface. An ideal solution for different surface structures and substrates, as it conforms to all shapes and contours.

      For the designers, this is an advantage, as the product offers design freedom. The spray-applied polyurethane foam hugs the shape of the surface being insulated and is therefore perfect for complex geometries such as curved roofs. WALLTITE® -self adheres directly to the substrate.

      In addition to its rapid application, WALLTITE® cures almost immediately. Permeability is reduced, and no further insulation is required. And there's another benefit: Thanks to its closed-cell structure, it effectively controls moisture and vapor movement.

      WALLTITE® simply creates a comfortable indoor environment while achieving outstanding insulation values and ensuring rapid installation. The product is currently available in Canada, US, France, South Korea and the UK.

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