Battery and Fuel Cell Coolants

While traditional GLYSANTIN® products used in ICE are also suitable for hybrid technologies and indirectly cooled BEV, new dedicated products for FCEV and BEV (direct and indirect cooling) have been developed. GLYSANTIN® FC G20® ELECTRIFIED® is a coolant especially developed for FCEV with a low electrical conductivity. Compared to noninhibited glycol/water mixtures, the product maintains constant low electrical conductivity, securing corrosion protection and the electrical safety of the system. GLYSANTIN® G22® ELECTRIFIED® is BASF's first premium engine coolant developed specifically for indirectly cooled BEV. The ready-to-use coolant delivers a low electrical conductivity and maintains low and stable currents when exposed to a voltage source. This translates into low fluid decomposition and low generation of hydrogen, making it a safety optimized product, while ensuring optimal corrosion protection.

BASF Fuels and Lubes Battery Cooling.JPG