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EXACTUS®optical pyrometer

Exactus® pyrometers are designed to offer superior repeatability for non-contact temperature measurements.



EXACTUS®optical pyrometer can provide non-contact temperature insights for higher yields

Whatever the process - industrial, semiconductor, or R&D - the unique electronics design and processing power of the EXACTUS® instrument can provide both improved process stability and enhanced process understanding. Offering excellent accuracy, resolution, repeatability, and stability, EXACTUS® optical thermometry technology provides significant performance advantages in non-contact temperature measurement in a practical, rugged and user-friendly design.


EXACTUS® pyrometers can help lower operating costs, improve yields, and increase efficiency

EXACTUS® delivers a broad measurement range (125 C up to 3000 C) and faster measurement speeds of up to 1000 measurements per second while maintaining sensitivity. Each compact sensor is a complete temperature measurement system, versatile enough to be incorporated into demanding process locations. With these advantages, EXACTUS® can help lower operating costs, improve yields, and increase efficiency.


What are the applications for EXACTUS® optical temperature sensors?

Applications for EXACTUS® optical thermometers include semiconductor, glass manufacture, solar cell, induction heat treating, furnace control, and many other critical process measurements.


EXACTUS® pyrometers produced in ISO 2001:2008 certified facility

We maintain a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Fremont, California. Extraordinary care is taken to ensure every instrument is manufactured with the highest degree of quality. Instruments are tested and calibrated against exacting standards before they leave our ISO 2001:2008 certified facility.