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BASF is the world’s largest producer of high quality acetylene-based specialties, a portfolio of acetylenic alcohols and acetylenic diols for a large field of applications.

2-Methyl-3-butin-2-ol (MBI) is an acetylenic alcohol with different uses. MBI is a reactive intermediate in the manufacture of products for the agrochemical and specialty chemical industy.

2-Methyl-3-butin-2-ol (MBI) is a clear colorless liquid with a boiling temperature at 102-105°C, a melting temperature at 3°C and flash point 21°C.

CAS No.: 115-19-5
Hu Wenkui (links) und Li Shiling (rechts), beide Techniker, führen eine routinemäßige Sicherheitsinspektion des C2-Hydrierreaktors durch. Dieser Reaktor wandelt Acetylen mit Hilfe von Wasserstoff und Katalysatoren zu Ethylen um.