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Lupragen® N 201 - TEDA in DPG

Lupragen® N 201- TEDA in DPG is a polyurethane catalyst which strongly catalysis the gelling reaction.



Lupragen® N 201- TEDA in DPG (TEDA (Triethylenediamine, CAS No.: 280-57-9) in DPG (Dipropylene glycol) is used in many applications of the polyurethane industry (flexible foam, semi-rigid foam, rigid foam, elastomers, coatings, CASE).

BASF SE is the only producer of TEDA in Europe. We also offer Lupragen N203 which is solution of TEDA in MEG (Monoethylene glycol). Solutions of our TEDA do not contain traces of anti-backing agents that are present if solutions are made by dissolving TEDA crystal.

TEDA is also used as catalyst in the production of fine chemicals.

Please contact us if you are interested in a solution of TEDA in different solvents.

Product Details

Package Information

0,5KG Glass bottle

1000KG Composite IBC

210KG Steel drums

50kg Metal-Drum, non remov. head

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates

  • Pigments, Plastic Additives, Plastic Additives & Pigments
  • Performance Polymers / Any Plastic Additives Applications