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Piperazine chips

Piperazine chips are used mainly in pharmaceutical applications. Other applications for Piperazine chips are polyamide resins, urethane and epoxy systems.



Piperazine chips are building blocks used in synthesizing active pharmaceutical ingredients like floxacine, quinolones (antibiotics), phenothiazines (neuroleptics, sedatives) and antihelminthics. Moreover, Piperazine chips serve as a synthesis component in the production of Viagra.

Piperazine chips are used as a reactant in combination with fatty acids to manufacture polyamide resins.

Furthermore, Piperazine chips are a precursor for the production of polyols and for catalysts that speed up polyurethane formation, for example in the field of urethane foams or fibers.

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CAS No.: 110-85-0

CAS No.: 110-85-0

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1KG Fibreboard boxes

9x9x50KG Fibreboard boxes