Methanesulfonic acid 70% CZ

Methanesulfonic Acid 100 (MSA) is a strong organic acid which is highly suitable for manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients such as Telmisartan and Eprosartan, Angiotensin II receptor antagonists.



What are the advantages of MSA?

- Strong, odor-free organic acid
- Non-oxidizing
- Virtually free of metal ions and sulfate.
- Our unique manufacturing process makes the product free of chlorine and colorless.
- Easy to handle in liquid form.
- Strong acid prevents the formation of oxidation products.
- Reactions at higher temperatures possible.
- The excellent solubility in water enables easy phase separations.
- Decomposes to form sulfate, carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Product Details

CAS No.: 75-75-2

Package Information

1KG Plastic bottle

250KG Plastic drums