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Piperazine Anhydrous

Piperazine is used mainly in pharmaceutical applications. Other applications for Piperazine chips are polyamide resins, urethane and epoxy systems.



Piperazine is a building block used in synthesizing active pharmaceutical ingredients like floxacine, quinolones (antibiotics), phenothiazines (neuroleptics, sedatives) and antihelminthics. Moreover, Piperazine serves as a synthesis component in the production of Viagra.

Piperazine is used as a reactant in combination with fatty acids to manufacture polyamide resins.

Furthermore, Piperazine is a precursor for the production of polyols and for catalysts that speed up polyurethane formation, for example in the field of urethane foams or fibers.

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CAS No.: 110-85-0

CAS No.: 110-85-0

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95KG Steel drums