Baxxodur® PC 136

Baxxodur® PC 136:
3-((3-(((2-Cyanoethyl)amino)methyl)-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexyl)amino)propiononitrile :  
is a cycloaliphatic secondary amine curing agent with low reactivity


Baxxodur PC 136 is a low viscosity curing agent primarily for epoxy systems. In use it has slow reactivity and has good compatibility with fillers. For the cured formulation it provides excellent appearance (due to flow and levelling), low color, excellent color stability and adhesion.

Coatings are the primary application.

Baxxodur® EC 136

Product Details

Modified Isophoronediamine

CAS No.: 93940-97-7


0,4KG Glass bottle  
5KG Composite packagings  
25KG Composite packagings 
190KG Steel drums
1000KG Composite IBC 

Epoxy-Curing Agents

Aliphatic Diamines

Improved Polyurea Coatings with Baxxodur PC 136

Improved Polyurea Coatings with Baxxodur PC 136