PolyTHF 1000

PolyTHF is a high molecular weight oligomeric diol

Adhesives and Sealants
The amorphous soft segment (PolyTHF) imparts elasticity and low temperature flexibility in adhesive resins such as polyurethanes.

PolyTHF is used in the manufacture of polyurethane dispersions for aqueous coatings. It is used in combination with the isocyanate to produce a prepolymer and brings improved UV and saponification resistance compared to polyester polyols.

The main application for PolyTHF 1000 is in the production of polyurethane fibres (e.g. Spandex, Elastane) for textiles.  PolyTHF’s physical and chemical properties give it advantages over competitive materials such as polyester polyols, due in particular to its superior hydrolysis stability and microbial resistance.

PolyTHF 1000 provides the following characteristics:

  • excellent dynamic mechanical properties across a wide temperature range
  • exceptional low temperature behavior
  • superior hydrolytic stability
  • high moisture vapor transmission
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • high microbial resistance

Product Details

PolyTHF 1000

CAS No.: 25190-06-1


0,5KG Glass bottle 
5KG Steel drums 
200KG Steel drums 
1000KG Composite IBC 


Diols and Polyols