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Diethylamine anhydrous

Diethylamine (DEA) is a secondary amine which belongs to the class of dialkylamines and is produced from Bio-Ethanol, a renewable resource.

Diethylamine is a verstile intermediate for synthesis reactions. It is used for the production of DEET, a very well known insect repellent.

As a neutralizating agent, DEA is used to neutralise and solubilise a variety of resins for water-soluble paints.

DEA is a versatile intermediate for synthesis reactions.

DEA is utilised in the production of rubber chemicals, for example, tetraethyl thiuram disulphide.

Water Treatment
DEA is used for the production of Diethylaminoethanol, a product used mainly in water treatment as corrosion inhibitor.

CAS No.: 109-89-7
Product CAS No. M [g/mol] Assay [%] b.p [C] m.p. [C]
Diethylamine anhydrous 109-89-7 73.14 min. 99.5 56 - 50