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Glyoxal 40%

Glyoxal is an intermediate chemical bringing versatile properties to many applications.

CAS No.: 107-22-2

Glyoxal is used to produce glycoluril based amino crosslinking resins for powder coatings, liquid can and coil coatings. It emits less formaldehyde and produce more flexible films compared to other amino crosslinkers.

Glyoxal is a building block for the glycidated phenol compound (tetraglycidyl ether of tetrakis(4-hydroxyphenyl) ethane). This increases stability in epoxy laminates and molding compounds.

The sulfur scavenging property of Glyoxal to act as a H2S scavenger and glyoxal-crosslinked polymers (hydrocolloids) can be used to improve viscosity in oil-drilling fluids. 

Polymers crosslinked with Glyoxal are used to enhance the wet/dry strength and enable the efficient coating of paper.

Personal care
In cosmetics, Glyoxal-crosslinked polymers (hydrocolloids) improves the viscosity.

As a crosslinker, Glyoxal is used in antiwrinkle and softening polymer. It is also used as a crosslinker in leather tanning processes

The biocidal effect of glyoxal is used in water treatment

Glyoxal is used to crosslink a wide range of other polymers, including starch, cellulose, proteinaceous material, polyacrylamide and polyvinyl alcohols. In disinfection applications, it is a biocidal active ingredient. Finally, Glyoxal can be used in wood hardening application for improved moisture resistance.