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Lupragen® N 106 - 2,2'-Dimorpholinodiethylether

Lupragen® N 106- 2,2'-Dimorpholinodiethylether (DMDEE) is a polyurethane catalyst.



Lupragen® N106 is a strong blowing catalyst with low gelling activity. Therefore, Lupragen® N106 is a preferred catalyst for one-component polyurethane systems (OCF and prepolymers) with long shelf life.

CASE (rigid foam sealant, hot melt) is the main area of application of Lupragen® N106.

Product Details

Morpholine, 4,4'-(oxydi-2,1-ethanediyl)bis-

CAS No.: 6425-39-4

Package Information

0,5KG Glass bottle

1000KG Composite IBC

210KG Steel drums

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates

  • Pigments, Plastic Additives, Plastic Additives & Pigments
  • Performance Polymers / Any Plastic Additives Applications