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Methyldiethanolamine (MDEOA) is a dihydroxy functional tertiary amine. It is a versatile intermediate with a variety of applications.



"Coatings MDEOA is used as a co-initiator for type II photoinitiator combinations.  As a neutralizing agent, MDEOA increases resin solubility and improves solution stability by reducing pH drift. Additionally, it aids pigment dispersion."

Product Details

CAS No.: 105-59-9

Package Information

0,45KG Glass bottle

1000KG Composite IBC

1050KG Composite IBC

210KG Steel drums

5KG Plastic jerricans

Industries & Applications

  • Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Mass Transit
  • Automotive / Any Automotive Applications
  • Aviation, Aerospace / Any Aviation & Aerospace Applications
  • Transportation (Mass Transit) / Any Transportation (Mass Transit) Applications

  • Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Mass Transit

  • Intermediates

  • Oilfield Solutions
  • Oilfield Solutions / Any Oilfield Applications

  • Home Care, I&I Cleaning
  • Home Care / Any Home Care Applications
  • I&I Cleaning / Any I&I Cleaning Applications

  • Printing
  • Print / Any Print Applications

  • Printing & Packaging