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N,N-Di-(2-hydroxyethyl)aniline is used in a broad range of industries.



N,N-Di-(2-hydroxyethyl)-aniline is utilised as a curing synergist for peroxides in a variety of free radical curing adhesive formulations.

N,N-Di-(2-hydroxyethyl)-aniline is used as a tertiary amine, peroxide synergist in the free radical curing systems such as unsaturated polyester and (meth)acrylate-based coatings.

Based on the dihydroxyl functionality, it can be used to build tertiary amine functionality into oligomers and polymers.

Moreover, N,N-Di-(2-hydroxyethyl)-aniline is utilized in the production of dyes and pigments.

This product finds application as a blowing catalyst for polyurethane foams.

Product Details

Ethanol, 2,2'-(phenylimino)bis-

CAS No.: 120-07-0

Package Information

0,5KG Fibreboard boxes

220KG Steel drums

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates

  • Pigments, Plastic Additives, Plastic Additives & Pigments
  • Performance Polymers / Any Plastic Additives Applications