N, N´-Dimethylpropylene urea

N,N'-Dimethyl propylene urea (DMPU) is a versatile solvent. It is mainly applied in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. DMPU is also used in the electronics industry.

N, N´-Dimethylpropylene urea serves mainly as solvent for the synthesis of pharmaceutical and agrochemical ingredients. Another application is in the electronic industry.

Product Details

N,N'-Dimethyl propylene urea

CAS No.: 7226-23-5


0,5KG Glass bottle
200KG Composite packagings

Product CAS No. M [g/mol] Assay [%] b.p [C] m.p. [C]
N,N'-Dimethyl propylene urea 7226-23-5 128.17 min. 99.0 246,5 -14

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