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N,N-Dimethyldipropylene triamine (DMDPTA)

N-N-Dimethyldipropylene triamine (DMDPTA, DMAPAPA) is a liquid short-chained polyamine. 

DMAPAPA (Dimethylaminopropylaminopropylamine) carries primary, secondary and tertiary amine functionalities. Therefore, it is mainly used as epoxy and polyurethane catalyst (via the tertiary amine) and as a hardener / crosslinker for epoxy (via the primary and secondary amine).

Epoxy resins that are hardened by DMAPAPA are mainly used in areas of applications like adhesive, coatings and paints.

DMAPAPA is a fast and efficient epoxy hardener suitable for cold curing applications. Kinetics, Tg and mechanics comparable to AEPIP
(N-aminoethylpiperazine) and TETA (Triethylenetetramine).

DMAPAPA´s performance can be adjusted via parts by weight (pbw). It cures highly efficiently with 7,5 pbw. The accelerating effect observed even at a low EEW ratio. A longer gel time, but higher Tg is reached with less DMAPAPA.

CAS No.: 10563-29-8