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OASE blue

From the very beginning, OASE® blue was developed specifically as an optimized large-scale carbon capture technology.



BASF supplies customers with a customized technology package along with highly stable, low-maintenance innovative solvent solutions for various carbon capture applications. With low energy consumption, low solvent losses and an exceptionally flexible operating range OASE® blue is the paramount technology for use in flue gas carbon capture from sources such as fossil power generation plants, steam reformers, waste incinerators or even the cement industry.

CO2 Capture For Utilization
BASF Gas Treating Excellence provides CO2 capture solutions that support applications ranging from enhanced oil recovery (EOR), urea production and small food grade CO2 production facilities. Further, the OASE® technology portfolio is complementary in meeting customer-specific applications. As a consequence, the benefit of implementing OASE® technology is a CO2 product available for commercial utilization.

Product Details

The power plant site in Niederaussem, Germany: This is where the joint research program for CO2 scrubbing by BASF, Linde and RWE Power started. CO2 scrubbing is a key technology for carbon capture and storage (CCS). The results achieved are remarkable: significantly reduced energy consumption, high purity of the captured CO2, low detergent consumption and a plant availability of 97 percent.

Package Information

210KG Steel drums

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