Octadecyl vinyl ether (ODVE)

Octadecyl vinyl ether is a colorless to yellow liquid or solidified, with an ether-like odor. It is sparingly soluble in water and other organic solvents.


  • Monomer for copolymers of n-Octadecyl vinyl ether (ODVE) are used as raw materials for coatings defoamers, waxes, lubricants, pigment additives.vinyl homo- and copolymers (cationic mechanism).
  • Reactive diluent for epoxy silanes and silicon acrylate-based release coatings.
  • Copolymers of n-Octadecyl vinyl ether (ODVE) are used as formulation additive in water- and solvent borne coatings formulations.
  • n-Octadecyl vinyl ether (ODVE) improves hydrophobicity of polymers as well as surface active behavior. Vinyl ethers form alternating copolymers via charge transfer-complex polymerization with electron-deficient monomers, such as vinyl chlorides, maleic anhydride or TFCE. n-Octadecyl vinyl ether improves the hydrophobicity of unsaturated polyester coatings.


Octadecyl vinyl ether

Product Details

Octadecyl vinyl ether

CAS No.: 930-02-9



0,2KG Glass bottle 
150KG Steel drums