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Piperazine 68% solution

Piperazine app. 68% is an aqueous solution of  a cyclic amine with various applications.

Adhesives and Sealants
Piperazine can be used in the production of polyamides for hot-melt, pressure-sensitive, and heat-seal adhesives for leather, paper, plastic, and metal.

Piperazine is used in the production of polyamide resins (a reagent, along with fatty acids), urethane and epoxy systems. In polyurethanes it is both a catalyst, a reagent and a reactant used to produce polyol components.

Polyamide resins based on piperazine find use as binders in printing inks for flexogravure printing on certain paper, film, and foil webs. Thermoplastic polyamides are similarly used in formulating glossy, abrasion-resistant, overprint varnishes

Oil and Gas
Piperazine is employed as a an additive in the CO2 and H2S gas treatment area.

Piperazine finds application as a reagent in the production of polyurethanes for foams and fibers. 

CAS No.: 110-85-0
Production Manager Mark Hughes (right) and Shift Supervisor Kenny Calvaruso Jr. (left) stand at the bottom of the methylamines towers during a safety walkthrough. As the newest unit at BASF Verbund site in Geismar, Louisiana, methylamines started production in 2012. Methylamine is used in the production of agrochemicals, personal care products, detergents, pharmaceuticals, textiles, solvents and animal feed additives.