Renewable BDO

Renewable 1,4-butanediol (Renewable BDO) is a liquid, colorless, di-alcohol. It is derived from renewable resources. The production process relies on a patented fermentation technology from Genomatica, based in California/USA. The fermentation process uses dextrose as a renewable feedstock.

Like petro-based BDO and its derivatives, renewable BDO and its derivatives are  valuable intermediates in a large number of applications in the chemical industry. It is used used for producing engineering plastics, biodegradable plastics, polyurethanes and elastic fibers for the packaging, automotive, textile, and sports and leisure industries, among others.

The hydroxyl function of each end group of the Butanediol reacts with different mono- and bifunctional reagents: for example with dicarboxylic acids to polyesters, with diisocyanates to polyurethanes, or with phosgene to polycarbonates. Additionally BDO is also a building block for the synthesis of polyesterpolyols and polyetherpolyols.



Product Details

Renewable BDO

CAS No.: 110-63-4


0,5KG Glass bottle 
210KG Steel drums 
1000KG Composite IBC