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Triphenyl phosphine pellets (TPP)

Triphenyl phosphine pellets (TPP) offer operational advantages to our customers vs traditional flakes. TPP finds applications as reagent for active ingredients, process co-catalyst and others.  

BASF is the only supplier worldwide to offer TPP in molten or pellet form. Compared to the traditional flakes, pellets provide the following operational advantages to our customers :

•    reduce dust formation

•    prevent caking and are free-flowing

•    improve safety

•    make handling and processing easier

•    produced in a dedicated plant, there is no risk of cross-contamination

Triphenylphosphine finds applications in the following fields, among others:


Pharmaceutical and crop protection active ingredients

Vitamin synthesis

Reagent for organic chemical reactions, among others Wittig, Mitsunobu, Heck or Suzuki reactions


Co-catalyst hydroformulation processes, offering additional value to our customers due to our high purity.

Ligand for hydrogenation catalysis


Curing agent for powder coatings or in UV curing coatings

Additive for the oxidation of UV stabilization of plastics

CAS No.: 603-35-0
Product CAS No. M [g/mol] Assay [%] b.p [C] m.p. [C]
Triphenyl phosphine 603-35-0 262.29 min. 99.5 195 - 205 79 - 81