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Aniline is an aromaticamine which is mainly used as feed stockfor polyurethanes and in the production ofrubber chemicals and dyes.

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Which are the application fields of BASF’s Aniline?

Aniline, is mainly used as feed stock for the polyurethane industry. However, BASF supplies Aniline also to the rubber chemicals industry where it isused in the production of vulcanization accelerators and antidegradants. Other fields of application include dyes and pigments or agricultural chemicals.

Which are the properties and benefits of BASF’s Aniline?

Aniline from BASF is of high purity and constant quality due to our continuous production technology. BASF’s Aniline has a longtrack record as raw material to serve all major applications ranging from polyurethanes, rubber chemicals, dyes, pigments, crop protection agents to active ingredients for pharmaceuticals.

How does BASF offer its Aniline to its customers?

BASF offers Aniline with a purity of 99,9% as bulk material via truck, railcar or ship, as well as in 200kg drums.