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C13-C15 Alcohol

Intermediate for the manufacture of lubricants, auxiliaries for thechemical processing industry and plasticizers. Low-volatility solvent for oils, waxes, fats and dyes. Defoaming auxiliary in the textile, paper and coatings industries.


C13-C15-alcohol is a clear, high-boiling, low-volatility, oily liquid with a characteristic odour. The product is miscible with most of the usual organic solvents. It is virtually insoluble in water. C13-C15-alcohol is a mixture of isomeric tridecanols to pentadecanols and reacts in the manner typical of this class of substances. Of significance for its application in practice are, for example, its reaction with ethylene oxide or propylene oxide in the manufacture of surfactants and its reaction with acids to form the corresponding esters.