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N-Butylene Oxide 1,2

N-Butylene Oxide is a colorless liquid with a slight, product typical smell


North America




Formal chemical name: 1,2-Epoxy butane, 1,2-Butene Oxide, Ethyloxirane


1,2-Butylene Oxide (BO) is produced by BASF in Ludwigshafen. Butylene Oxide, listed with CAS No 106 88 7, is primarily used as a reactive intermediate for organical syntheses. 1,2-Epoxy Butene helps as a stabilizer in industrial solvents used for  the removal of lubricants, adhesives and tar from a variety of metals, welded, machined, molded and diecast surfaces, as well as reinforced fiber-glass plastics.


Furthermore, n-Butylene Oxide is needed for manufacturing non-ionic, surface-active substances which are used as textile and dyeing additives or crude oil demulsifiers or for such purposes.