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Palatinol® 111P-I

Palatinol® 111P-I, Diundecyl Phthalate, is a primary plasticizer developed for wire and cable insulation and compounds. Palatinol® 111P-I has a higher degree of linearity than many competitive DUPs and thus shows superior performance in efficiency, aging and low temperature flexibility.



Delaney Tobin
North America



Formulations made from Palatinol® 111P-I have low volatility and excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures, and therefore, better retention of properties after oven aging. It can be blended with other linear phthalates or DPHP to improve performance, or with trimellitates for formulating lower cost 75°C, 90°C and 105°C wire insulation compounds. Palatinol® 111P-I is also recommended for vinyl compounds used in automotive applications requiring low fog performance and low temperature flexibility. Palatinol® 111P-I is available stabilized for wire insulation applications.