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Palatinol® 911P

Palatinol® 911P, a linear C9, C10, C11 phthalate made from normal alcohol, is a primary plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride and copolymer resins. Palatinol® 911P offers excellent permanence, low volatility, good efficiency and good retention of physical properties for heat aging vinyl applications. Heat and light stability of Palatinol® 911P is superior to phthalate esters made from branched chain alcohols.


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Delaney Tobin
North America



Palatinol® 911P is suggested for use in sheeting, film extrusion, and vinyl dispersions where good low temperature properties are required and where low volatility ensures a greater permanence. It is especially recommended in automotive applications for low fog properties and for wire insulation. Palatinol® 911P is a medium molecular weight linear phthalate with properties intermediate to Palatinol® 610P and Palatinol® 111P. Palatinol® 911P offers improvement in oven aging, weathering and fogging performance in applications where Palatinol® 610P fails with no loss of low temperature performance.


Palatinol® 911P offers improved efficiency and processing advantages where Palatinol® 111P performance properties can be reduced.