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Palatinol® TOTM

Palatinol® TOTM is a primary, branched monomeric plasticizer for vinylhomopolymer and copolymer resins. Palatinol® TOTM is suggested for use in those end-use areas where extreme low volatility is required. Palatinol® TOTM can be blended with Palatinol® 11P-E to optimize cost-performance in medium to high temperature compounds.


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Delaney Tobin
North America


Palatinol® TOTM-I provides desirable properties in vinyl applications which require good plasticizer/resin compatibility, low volatility, resistance to extraction by soapy water and good electrical properties. Palatinol® TOTM is often a good substitute for polyester polymeric plasticizers where improvements in processing are desired. Palatinol® TOTM is suitable alone or in combination with Palatinol 11P-E for:

  • 90° and 105° wire insulation
  • interior automotive applications (instrument panel skins)