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Pentyl Acetate

Medium-volatility liquid with high solvent power for numerous natural and synthetic resins. The main application is in the coatings industry.



Pentyl acetate is a clear, medium-volatility liquid with a mild odour typical of esters. It is miscible with most common organic solvents, but practically insoluble in water. Pentyl acetate is similar to butyl acetate in solvent power and diluent tolerance, but evaporates more slowly.


Pentyl acetate is a good solvent for numerous synthetic and natural resins, e. g. acrylics and cellulose derivatives. Thus it can be used in the coatings industry for cellulose nitrate lacquers or acrylic paints. In many sectors, the throwing power of paints applied by electrostatic spraying can be improved with pentyl acetate. Other examples are aftermarket automotive finishes based on polyurethane resins, cellulose nitrate emulsion paints for leather finishes, and special coatings, e. g. for tennis racquets. Pentyl acetate is also used in cleaners. By virtue of its low solubility in water, pentyl acetate is a useful extractant for removing substances from aqueous systems, e. g. in the production of penicillin.