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Plastomoll® DNA

Plasticizer for PVC products with good low-temperature properties.


Shunsuke Sasamoto
Asia Pacific
Delaney Tobin
North America
Carolina Cabral Netto
South America

Chemical nature: Adipic acid ester with less branched isononanols; diisononyl adipate 

Plastomoll® DNA is a nearly colourless, clear and practically anhydrous liquid with a hardly noticeable odour. It is soluble in the usual organic solvents and is miscible and compatible with all of the monomeric plasticizers commonly used in PVC. In water Plastomoll® DNA is soluble only in very small amounts. Owing to its chemical structure, Plastomoll® DNA permits – preferably, in combination with phthalates and polymeric plasticizers – the production of plasticized PVC products with exceptionally good low temperature properties. PVC plasticized with Plastomoll® DNA has far less volatility than, for example, PVC plasticized with DOA.