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Solvenon® DPM

Clear, low-volatility, water-miscible, neutral liquid with a mild odour. Mainly used as a solvent in cleaners, printing inks, inks and in the coatings industry. In the latter case, it can be used together with Solvenon® PM, primarily to adjust the evaporation rate.



Solvenon® DPM is a mixture of isomers. It is a clear, high-boiling, hygroscopic, mobile, low-volatility liquid with a mild odour and is miscible with water and common organic solvents.

By virtue of the ether and alcohol groups in the constituent isomers, Solvenon® DPM is an excellent solvent for many of the raw materials that are used in coatings, e. g. resins and binders.

An important feature of Solvenon® DPM is the fact that it acts as a solubilizer in many aqueous coating systems.

It possesses the typical properties of ethers and alcohols. For instance, it reacts with acids (to form esters), oxidizing agents (to form the corresponding aldehydes or carboxylic acids), alkali metals (to form alcoholates) or aldehydes (to form acetals). Solvenon® DPM may form peroxides with atmospheric oxygen.


Selected examples of applications:

  • Component of the solvent phase in coatings systems, e. g. cellulose lacquers or alkyd resin paints. As such, Solvenon® DPM is added to slow evaporation and improve flow and brushability.
  • Additive in paint removers.
  • Component of solvents for printing pastes, leather marking inks and special stamp-pad inks.
  • Component of solvents for wood stains and polishes.
  • Component in hydraulic fluids.
  • Additive in surface cleaners, e. g. metals, floors and windows.
  • Component of solvents in inks and ball point pastes.
  • Starting material for the production of esters that may be used as plasticizers.