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Solvenon® DPnB

Solvenon® DPnB is a colorless, relatively hardly volatile, low odor solvent.


Natalia Samsonova



Solvenon® DPnB has both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties. It is mixable with various other solvents. Due to its molecular weight and plasticizing effect, Solvenon® DPnB is, for example, an excellent film-forming agent. Its evaporation and spreading characteristics also make Solvenon® DPnB highly suitable for use in cleaning agents.


Possible Applications of Solvenon® DPnB:

  • As a film-forming agent, e. g. in acrylate, styrol acrylate and polyvinyl acetate dispersions
  • In solvent-based coating materials
  • In household and industrial cleaning agents
  • In cosmetic formulations
  • As a paint stripper and metal cleaner