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Solvenon® PM

Colourless, medium-volatility, water-miscible neutral liquid with a mild, alcoholic odour. Its favourable physiological properties make it preferable to methoxyethanol and ethoxyethanol as a solvent for coatings and printing inks.


Solvenon® PM is a clear, hygroscopic, medium-volatility liquid with a mild, alcoholic odor. It is miscible with water and many common organic solvents. By virtue of its ether and alcohol groups, Solvenon® PM has very good solvent power for many of the raw materials used in coatings, e. g. resins, binders, etc. It possesses the typical properties of the ether and alcohol groups. For instance, it may react with acids (or form esters), oxidizing agents (to form the corresponding ketones or carboxylic acids), alkali metals (to form alcoholates) or aldehydes (to form acetals). Solvenon® PM may form peroxides with atmospheric oxygen.

The main application for Solvenon® PM in the coatings industry is the production of cellulose nitrate lacquers. The initial solutions can be thinned with many cheap diluents, yet still dry to give clear, transparent coatings of good strength. Solvenon® PM improves the brushability, levelling and gloss of air-drying paints and prevents blushing. It is included in formulations for paints applied by a spray-gun for the purpose of improving gloss and adhesion. 

Further applications:

  • Component in copying fluids (particularly together with alcohols, inks, and felt-tip pen inks)
  • Component in the solvent phase for road marking paints
  • Solvent or leatherfinishes and stamp pad inks
  • Additive in cleaners, e. g. for metals, windows and floors
  • Component in the solvent phase for wood stains and polishes
  • Starting material in the production of methoxypropyl acetate, which is also an excellent solvent
  • Component in liquids for the evaporative cooling of engines, particularly large diesel engines
  • Starting material in the production of esters that may be used as plasticizers