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Solvenon® PnB

Solvenon® PnB is a colorless, highly volatile glycol ether with good solvent properties.


Natalia Samsonova


Solvenon® PnB is strongly lipophilic. Its oil and fat dissolving properties make it highly suitable for use in products such as cleaning agents and metal degreasers.

Solvenon® PnB is a low odor liquid, which, in combination with its surface tension lowering properties, means that it is often used in products such as water-based cleansers. The spreading characteristics of Solvenon® PnB are at least comparable with those of butyl glycols, in part better.

The outstanding film-building and drying properties of Solvenon® PnB make it an effective coalescing agent for dispersion paints, e. g. acrylic styrol acrylic and polyvinyl acetate dispersions.