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Beta-Hydroxyde™ ACSD effectively exfoliates skin without stinging.

Beta-Hydroxyde® Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Exfoliating efficacy. Visibly refines pore size. General perceivable improvement of oily skin while keeping an optimal comfort.

How does it work?

Beta-Hydroxyde™ ACSD is a gentle BHA to effectively exfoliate without stinging.  Salicylic acid remains on the surface because it is combined with acacia proteins. It accurately targets dead cells without penetrating the lower, living skin. May be used in all formulas at neutral pH for the skin.


How is this approach to exfoliation unique?

Beta-Hydroxyde™ ACSD is a molecular association between salicylic acid and acacia polysaccharides. When associated to those polysaccharides, salicylic acid is more able to target the horned layer of skin. The irritant potential is diminished as well.


What is the benefit to consumers?

We have demonstrated that coupling (salicylic acid and acacia polysaccharides )potentializes the action of salicylic acid, as compared to free salicylic acid, on all the signs of oily skin (pore size, shine, black head, lesions) while, at the same time, providing an optimal comfort.




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