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Regulates and balances the skin’s bacterial flora through anti-microbial efficacy and activation of beta-defensins synthesis. Visibly reduces pore size, imperfections and the appearance of acne-prone skin.

How does Betapur improve the appearance of oily skin?

Betapur™.  An extract of boldo that activates the synthesis of b - defensins , peptides, that regulate the bacterial flora of the skin. Betapur™ visibly reduces oily appearance and pore size.  It improves the imperfections of skin with acne in 4 weeks (blackheads, inflammatory and retention lesions).


How is this approach unique?

BetapurTM  is a boldo extract that purifies the skin and eliminates the appearance of imperfections in 28 days (in vivo data). In addiiton, redness becomes less visible. 


What are the  benefits to the consumer?

Betapur helps reduce the appearance of many skin imperfections, an oily appearance,  and pore size, resulting in beautiful skin texture  and the "Photoshop effect".




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