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Intelligent collagen fiber protection with Collalift™

Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Stimulates the synthesis of collagen XVIII, a multifunctional collagenous proteoglycan occuring in all skin layers. Multi-dimensional anti-ageing action, improving pores and fine lines, minimizing wrinkles and enhancing elasticity.

How Collalift protects collagen in the skin

Collalift™. A malt extract modified though biotechnology which offers an intelligent collagen fiber protection. It prevents the destruction of native collagen fibers by MMP inhibition without disturbing the collagen renewal cycle (not active on MMPn).


How  this protection approach is unique

 Collalift™ specifically protects functional collagen and inhibits MMP-1 without affecting the action of gelatinase.


The benefit of Collaliftfor the consumer

Functional collagen is  protected from age-related deterioration and its neosynthesis retains
the  dynamics of youth to extend skin firmness. .




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