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Reduces the appearance of wrinkles with low irritant potential

Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Microspheres progressively open by the activity of many different skin enzymes, and gradually release retinol. This slow membrane digestion leads to a slow release of encapsulated retinol, for a better bio-availability, a better efmcacy and a more gentle use.

How it delivers the anti-aging benefits of retinol in this manner

Cylasphere™ Retinol is a soft retinol. By being encapsulated in plant microspheres that slowly release it into the skin, retinol has a low  irritant potential and maintains all of its efficacy. Application:  Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin brightening

Along with vitamin C, retinol is one of today’s leading anti-age molecules. Its overall anti-age efficacy (wrinkles, firmness, spots) is difficult to equal.


The unique nature of this approach

Cylasphere™ retinol, a biocompatible retinol vector,  was developed to limit problems of irritation resulting from the use of this molecule. Cylasphere™ are agar microspheres produced by transacylation (a chemical reaction involving the transfer of an acyl radical)  that enable the encapsulation of fragile molecules by maintaining them intact. These microspheres are biodegradable, penetrate the epidermis, are progressively degraded by skin enzymes and gradually release their content.


The benefits to the consumer

Vectorized retinol thus contacts the skin progressively and diffuses throughout the day. This process offers the beneficial action of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lightening and brightening skin.



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