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Deliner™ smoothes out wrinkles with healing mechanisms of the skin.

Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Stimulates fibronectin synthesis, cell migration and proliferation. Activates tissue repair through stimulation of natural healing mechanisms. Reduces wrinkles and redensifies the skin.

How Deliner works

Deliner™ .  A corn extract that smoothes out wrinkles by activating healing mechanisms in the skin. Deliner™ reduces  the depth of wrinkles and smoothes the skin by its specific action on fibronectin and its activation of cell migration and multiplication. 


A unique approach to  improving the appearance of skin

Deliner™ is a corn extract that was demonstrated as the most effective molecule from among one hundred tested with respect to stimulating production of fibronectin.


Benefits for the consumer and the formulator

We tested Deliner's ability to stimulate the parameters of skin reconstruction:  fibronectin synthesis, cellular migration, and multiplication.  We demonstrated that these three physiological events were stimulated and that  fine lines and wrinkles were filled up  ( ex vivo data). This anti-wrinkle efficacy was  then verified in a clinical study .




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