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Flavagrum™ PEG: effective reduction of under-eye puffiness

Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Powerful tissue draining flavonoid, visibly and intensely diminishing under eye puffiness, 3 hours after the application. Free radical protection against UV induced protein peroxidation. Protection of elastic fibers from enzymatic degradation.



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How FlavagrumPEG reduces under-eye puffiness

Flavagrum™ PEG is stabilized  hesperetin from soft orange tissue that is draining and protective. It is a hesperetin that is stabilized using a patented technique that combines fatty acid chains. Hesperetin is a powerful tissue draining flavonoid.


The unique nature of this approach

This technique ensures that the molecule remains perfectly stable, both in terms of color and activity.


The benefits for the consumer and formulator

We have proven that Flavagrum™ PEG visibly and  intensely diminishes under eye puffiness, 3 hours after the application of a formula that contains 3% of the active ingredient (in vivo data).  Flavagrum™ PEG offers powerful anti-free radical protection against UV induced protein peroxidation, even in very low concentrations (0.1%) (in vitro data). It also protects the elastic fibers from enzymatic degradation (in vitro data ). 

 It may  be used in all formulas without additional coloring because it is controlled thanks to  its patented , stabilization technique.