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Inhipase™ protects sensitive skin in three important ways

Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Rich in anti-oxidant navonoids inhibiting phospholipase A2. Reduces innammation, erythema, blotchiness and xerosis (dryness) and improves comfort of sensitive skin.



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How Inhipase works  with sensitive skin factors

Inhipase™ is a powerful anti-inflammatory  extracted from Chinese kudzu , rich in flavonoids such as puerarin and daidzein. Inhipase™ inhibits phospholipase A2 which acts upstream on the inflammation 'chain'. It also acts against redness and dryness.


The unique aspects of this approach

It reduces skin inflammation by acting near the head of the inflammatory cascade, on phospholipase A2.


Benefits for the consumer

We have proven its efficacy in vivo , where we showed its action on three of the  major manifestations of sensitive skin: erythema, blotchiness, and xerosis.