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Stimulates the release of the enzyme LOXL,  improving the structure of elastic fibers in the dermis. Regulates cellular senescence by inhibiting the synthesis of the "ageing protein" progerin and by stimulating the synthesis of the "youth protein" Klotho. Improves elasticity and firmness; reshapes the face contour and contributes to a supple cleavage.


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How Lys'lastine v renews skin elasticity

Lys'lastine™ v activates LOXL synthesis (lysl-oxidase like). This major elastin discovery is a key player in the rejuvenation of elastin. Skin elasticity improves greatly, and the face is re-modeled with a unique, three-dimensional (3D) stretching action of elastin molecules.


The unique nature of this approach

Based on an extract of dill, Lys'lastine v activates the expression of LOXL mRNA and the synthesis of LOXL protein ( ex vivo data). We also showed that increased levels of LOXL in the skin causes the assembly of microfibrils  and tropoelastin, leading to improved mechanical properties of the reconstructed skin (in vivo data).


Benefits for the consumer seeking younger-looking skin

Lys'lastine™ v is ideal for anti-aging facial care and  rebuilding elasticity for facial and body skin.