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Mat-XS® Clinical

Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Specifically inhibits the expression of 5a-reductase type 1. Reduces numerous visible signs of oily skin.


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How MAT-XSClinical affects oily skin

MAT-XS™ Clinical, skin perfector™ is a sarcosine molecule that reduces all signs of oily skin in 28 days . Production of sebum is regulated, shine is diminished, and pores are visibly tightened. As a result, complexion becomes even.


A unique approach to solving 2 problems

MAT-XSTM Clinical reduces  the appearance of both the oiliness and the imperfections of the skin  that often follow ( in vivo data).


The  benefits of MAT-XS Clinical for the formulator and the consumer

Participating panelists in our study noticed the way their skin improved after only 28 days. MAT-XS™ Clinical is ideal
for  skin perfecting treatments for oily skin and serums for refining skin texture.