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Optimized fat reduction with Micropatch™ Caffeine

Active ingredients for the Personal Care Industry

Increases the action time of caffeine and has a reservoir effect.


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How Micropatch Caffeine  works as a slimming agent

Slimming agents are becoming more and more sophisticated in order to reach  fat tissue, target precise zones, and provide long-term action.  We  have developed  Micropatch™ Caffeine, a molecular meshwork of acacia and alginate that contains 20% caffeine.  Slowly released into the skin, caffeine acts all day long, for optimized fat reduction (in vitro data).


The important difference in this approach

The  Micropatch™ is a technology based on a  molecular meshwork of macro-molecules in which we can introduce small molecules that are slowly released to the skin by osmotic equilibrium.


Benefits for the consumer

Applications for Micropatch™ Caffeine include body contouring and correction of under-eye bags