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Supports cell communication by stimulating the expression of POMC-related receptors. Improves epidermal differentiation and thickness. Accelerates skin renewal, improves skin softness as well as radiance, and visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores.


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NeurobioxTM, reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles and making skin significantly softer, as if "resurfaced".

What it does

NeurobioxTM is a unique yarrow extract that re-synchronizes the balance between mediators and receptors (In–vitro data) and optimizes the transmission of cellular “messages”.

How it is unique

NeurobioxTM takes an innovative approach that focuses on a new metabolic pathway: the neuro-cutaneous exchange.  The effect on human skin biopsies treated with Neurobiox™ formulations showed 10 % increase in epidermal thickness and accelerated rates of renewal (In-vivo data).  The results after 2 months demonstrated that Neurobiox™ provided improvement comparable to and slightly better than glycolic acid.

Consumer Benefits

Neurobiox increases the youthful appearance of the skin, decreases the appearance of pores and wrinkles, and  makes skin feel distinctly softer,  as if it had been "re-surfaced".