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Restores the skin barrier by stimulating epidermal lipid synthesis and speeding up is recovery. Helps the skin to defend itself by strengthening the detection of pathogens. Rebalances the skin ecosystem and reduces skin dryness.


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How Relipidium provides two important benefits

Relipidium™ is a yeast extract, modified by biotechnology, which rebuilds  skin barrier. Relipidium™  activates the synthesis of epidermal lipids (such as ceramides and cholesterol) to a high level, restores long-term hydration to dry skin, and rebuilds skin barrier.


The difference in this approach

Relipidium™ repairs the skin barrier and restores moisture to the skin in a long-lasting manner.


The benefit for the consumer

Skin  regains a smooth and youthful appearance (in vitro and in vivo data) with better resistance to the stresses that
age the appearance of the  skin (in vivo data).