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    Innovative Solutions for all Kinds of Shoes – Elastopan® Footwear Systems

      Elastopan® (PU systems) offers high-performance and innovative solutions for producers of casual shoes, safety shoes, boots and sport shoes. It is a multi-component polyurethane foam system for the production of mid-, out- and insoles. It is compatible with casting and injection machines.

    Elastopan® ‒ The Material of Choice for Shoes and Boots
    Virtually unlimited freedom in terms of design, color and texture
    Simply handling and processing
    High flexibility and ergonomic properties
    Abrasion and hydrolysis resistance; additional oil-and petrol-resistant for safety and working shoes
    Strong durability
    Low density

      Elastopan® is Lightness and Comfort

      A decisive factor for synergy between the shoes and the feet is the appropriate choice of materials. Elastopan® systems provide a virtually unlimited freedom in terms of design, color and texture, simple handling and processing paired with excellent physical properties like flexibility, abrasion and hydrolysis resistance, durability and low density. Elastopan® systems are available as polyester and polyether based systems.

    Elastopan® for all Kinds of Shoes

    Safety and Working Shoes

      Elastopan® soles are:

      • Oil- and petrol resistant, anti-static
      • Fulfill all relevant EN standards
      • Resistant, non-skid and ergonomic
      • Fashionable in terms of shape and color

    City and Leisure Shoes

      Elastopan®-shaped soles are:

      • Comfortable, lightweight and ergonomic
      • Resistant, durable and non-skid
      • Fashionable in terms of shape and colors

    Sports- and Trekking Shoes

      Elastopan®-shaped soles are:

      • Lightweight
      • Performance promoting
      • Study and abrasion resistant
      • Non skid
      • Dampening and kind to joints
      • Ergonomic
      • Avant-garde in terms of shape and color

    Insoles, Footbeds, Orthopaedic Walking Aids, Bath Mules, Clogs and More

      Elastopan®-shaped soles are:

      • Foot-friendly
      • Ergonomic and lightweight
      • Hydrolysis and abrasion-resistant
      • Can be combined with leather, cork, wood, textiles or felt

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