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    polyoxymethylene, POM, Ultraform, plastics, engineering plastics, loud speakers

      Polyoximethylen (POM)

    Ultraform® – Our Co-polymeric POM with Excellent Sliding Friction Properties

      Ultraform® is the brand name for BASF’s polyoxymethylene product range. It comprises engineering plastics designed for use in sophisticated components. Ultraform® is suitable for many applications in automotive manufacturing, in medical technology, for household and recreation, but also for machine and plant construction.

    Key Advantages of Ultraform®
    High rigidity and stiffness
    Good resilience properties
    Excellent resistance to chemicals
    Excellent sliding friction properties
    Low water absorption and tendency to creep
    Dimensional stability
    Ultraform®, polyoxymethylene, POM, engineering plastic, conveyor belt

      Properties of Ultraform® (POM)

      Ultraform® can be thermoplastically processed and has a partially crystalline structure with a high degree of crystallization. It is produced by the copolymerization of trioxan and another monomer. It consists of linear chains in which the co-monomers are firmly incorporated in a statistically distributed manner. These co-monomer units account for the high stability of Ultraform® during processing and when exposed to long-term heat and to chemicals. It surpasses by far the resistance of homo-polymeric polyoxymethylene.

      Processing of Ultraform® (POM)

      Ultraform® can be processed by all methods suitable for thermoplastics. The most important methods are injection molding and extrusion. Injection molding allows even the most complicated moldings to be mass-produced very economically. The extrusion process is used to manufacture rods, pipes, profile sections and sheet, most of which are further machined by means of cutting tools to form finished parts.

      The Ultraform® Product Line

      The Ultraform® product line encompasses grades for processing by means of extrusion and injection molding. The following product groups exist:

    Conductive Grades

      Grades with special treatment for purposes of achieving a certain electrical surface conductivity or volume conductivity, for instance, to reliably and permanently prevent static charging

    Drinking Water Grades

      are recommended for applications where drinking water and food contact approval is a prerequisite.

    Extrusion Grades

      For the extrusion of thin-walled as well as thick-walled tubes and panels, hollow profiles and semi-finished products having wall thicknesses of up to 50 mm and more. These are made into gear wheels, bearings and other machine elements by means of non-cutting procedures.

    Hot Diesel Grades

      Grades with special treatment for purposes of enhancing the fatigue strength against diesel fuel at high temperatures.

    Impact-modified Grades

      Grades for applications that make particularly high demands in terms of the toughness. There are TPU-modified grades  as well as grades containing rubber, each with differing contents of impact modifiers. The products containing rubber exhibit a number of advantages for processing technology such as, for instance, high weld line strength.


    Low Emission Grades

      Grades with special treatment for purposes of producing especially low-odor parts, e. g. for the interior of vehicles.

    MedTech Grades

      Grades that offer a wide service package including a long-term recipe consistency, tailor-made especially for requirements in the medical-technical market.

    Ultraform® in Medical Applications

    Reinforced Grades

      • With differing mineral contents for low-warpage and dimensionally stable molded parts that display increased stiffness, hardness and heat distortion resistance
      • With differing glass fiber contents for applications entailing very high demands in terms of strength, stiffness, hardness, creep resistance and dimensional stability under heat

    Standard Grades

      in various viscosity classes. As a rule, they can be processed rapidly, without deposits and are also easy to demold.

    Tribo Grades

      Grades with special treatment for purposes of optimizing sliding and abrasion characteristics.

    UV-stabilized Grades

      Grades with special treatment for purposes of improving light resistance, UV resistance and weathering resistance.


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